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~*~Anon questions~*~

• Have you ever thought of putting out an art book of just your doodles and sketches from your various sketchbooks? I don’t know how interested people would be but I know personally I’d be super interested! I love seeing artist’s doodles and sketches and brainstorming! I think one can learn about an artist creative process from it.

I feel you so hardddd! I love sketchbook books!!!! Personally, I don’t feel like I have enough content to make a book, but it is on my bucket list. ^ o^

• Would you consider doing a doodle version of pen pal?

Not right now, but it sounds like fun for the summertime~

• i’m trying to get myself to draw more but i get lazy and i need to stop being lazy so i can get better at drawing. so what motivates you to draw all the time??

HAAAAA. I wish I could draw all the time, but sometimes I get lazy or I am really slow to start. It just takes discipline (which I am still struggling at). Or when I get bored and I start making really tiny doodles.

Draw things you like, or make a list of things you want to draw. I find that the reason I hesitate to draw sometimes is because I am afraid to make bad art. But getting better at art is all about confidence and experimentation. Simple advice: just draw–even if it is a scribble.

• did you have any anxious thoughts that going to school would be a waste of money, or that you might not have the spark compared to those who you will be competing against? I see you mention a few times how you are scared for your future and i’m in the exact position, so it’s okay if you have no advice, but i just was wondering what advice you give to yourself or what reassurance you have to offer if any? Like…I just want to follow my policy for that it’s better spend your time and future on a job you enjoy rather than having a job and spending your time in something you dislike. I love everything about cartoons/stories/art/illustration and if i love it so much i feel like i should just DO IT. but it just seems so unlikely i would succeed. and maybe,idk if you even do this,but i could get together and scan some of my drawings and stuff and you can judge my art and see where i stand with this stuff…if that makes any sense? lol i’m sorry this probably sounds super whiny and crap

When I was looking at schools, I was definitely anxious, but I saw it as an opportunity to grow and experience new things. I did not think of it as a waste of money nor was I already thinking about competition, because learning art is not based around competition against other people.

To be honest, the only advice I have right now, for you and myself, is to keep making art. Because that’s what I love to do! And I want to make it work. Success does not happen overnight–it’s a long journey of self discipline and hard work (which I am still struggling to do). 

As for art critiques and such… I am pretty busy with my last semester of college and can not dedicate time to it. I advise you to join an art forum and seek others for critiques! Because many perspectives is always better than one. 

Also, don’t feel bad for feeling whiny or insecure. We all go through it one way or another! It’s a part of life, and learning to be productive through it is very important. ^-^

• Was ‘rosewong’ always your url or did you change it to your name once you started posting your art?

My username has always been the same~ At the beginning, I saw this blog as a visual diary and I didn’t feel compelled to create a whole new identity ha.

• I think you were using a site to host your portfolio before, I can’t remember what it was called. could you post a link to it? :)

• your art is soooo good! x


• What program do u use to digitally color your work?


• Hi, what are some good art blogs that you follow? I really like your art and I also follow your inspiration blog. :)

I follow so many, that it’s really hard to list a couple that I love. My inspiration blog should show where I get my content from! Sorry if it’s not helpful.

• Love your work! Do you use any reference for the similar dragon character in “Dont look now” and “Strength” or is that just from the top of your head?

I used references!

• love yo art. whats your sketch book and what type of pencil/pen do you use? Love the way they look so clean and perfect <3

Thanks! I use Moleskine sketch books, a 0.5 lead Muji pencil, and Faber-Castell PITT artist pens.

As always! Feel free to send any questions/comments. Anons will always be answered a lottttt later while non-anons will probably be answered immediately. ~ v~

giant post of anon questions!

oohhh that sketchbook looks so nice and huge? is that a moleskine? btw, what brand is that lightbox?

Yes! It is an A4 size Moleskine Sketchbook. And the lightbox is Artograph!

how do you find these interesting projects to do with other artists? Do they ask you or do you seek them out? I think it’s so great for you to participate in magazines/kickstarters projects. I would love to do something like that but I don’t know where to start!

Sometimes I get an email, but most of the time I see postings on Tumblr! Follow artists because they will sometimes create or be a part of collaborative projects!

Hello! How many followers & following do you have? Plus how long did it take you to get your tumblr recognised and how did you go about doing it? Im an illustrator in need of advise, thank you!

I currently have a little over 20,000 ~*~*~fronds~*~*~ But I guess took me around 4 years to get recognized? And all I did was post my art and works in progress. This blog used to be my inspiration blog, but then I started following all these awesome artists! They inspired me to start posting my work. It’s really nice to see a response for my work but having a bunch of followers does not really mean anything! Just make work and throw it out into the interweb! Someone is bound to see and adore it~ 

hi! I adore your beautiful drawings and you’re a big inspiration to me! :) I’m a junior in high school and I’ve been thinking about college a lot. so far, after a visit and review, pratt seems awesome! I like how it has a campus in Brooklyn. how do you like it there? any cool quirks about it? also, any tips on choosing the school that fits? I’m interested in illustration. Thank you so much for your time!! ^-^

I love Pratt! The campus is small but beautiful :) Art schools always have quirks, come and find out hehe. Visiting the school usually helps you choose! You can quickly tell if it’s the right environment for you or not.

Hi, just found your blog and super amazed by it. Do you have a video about your picture’s making process? I would love to see one. Excuse my english tho. Keep inspiring!!

Thanks! I do have a video, but it is was my first and blurrrry haha. But I would love to make another once I have more time~

congratulations on the moleskine! where can I buy it from? is it purchasable to general public?

Thanks! Unfortunately I think it is only used for Adobe + Moleskine promotions.

Just found your blog wow your work is amazing. Just wondering on tips for coming up with themes/ideas for artwork to be about. Have to start my folio and picking a central idea is so difficult!

Just draw things you like! Simple but effective~~ Watch movies, listen to music, take a walk! Go to a museum/show! Surround yourself with inspiration!

be my mentor! the way you color things is incredible. any tips for digital coloring? thanks rose!

Layers are your best friend! Use color/palette swatches :) Play around! I am not an expert because I am always still experimenting! So you should too!

I’m sorry if this seems like a rude or shallow question, but how did you get so much exposure through tumblr? I’m trying to get my name out there, but to not much success. Any tips or advice on how to do so?

Tumblr is a great resource for getting you art spread around the internet and to be honest, there is no shortcut on getting ‘exposed.’ Just post, submit to popular art blogs and tag your work~ You will never know what piece will get chosen by an editor. IT’s a MysTeRy! Definitely check out the Illustration and Art tag editors though~

i know this must be a boring question, but I scoured your FAQ and found nothing! what pencil is that one that features in all your photos of your sketchbook? the whitish clearish one? i am looking for a new mechanical pencil, I cannot find one that is as smooth as my graphite pencils (but i don’t want to sharpen them all the time). regular cheap mech pencils are so thin and sharp on the paper.

It’s a MUJI mechanical pencil! And smoothness is all about your lead and application~ I use 2B lead and I got it from Utrecht.

Not to be creepy or anything,but I’ve got your same last name!

Wongs unite!

What do you know about PrattMWP?

Not much. But I do know that you don’t live/study in the Brooklyn campus and then you eventually transfer here?

Anonymous asked: What sorts of pieces did you put in your portfolio when you applied to college? What art colleges did you apply to? Were you nervous about getting in? Just curious :)

Screenshot of my portfolio when I applied to colleges. You can see most of the pieces from within the bowels of my deviantart account haha.

I applied to: School of Art Institute of Chicago, Pratt, College for Creative Studies, and Ringling.

And I wasn’t nervous during the application process, but I was right before I ripped those letters open to see if I got in or not!

Anonymous asked: Hey Rose! I was wondering what advice you might have for drawing people? People are the main thing I usually have trouble drawing. Your figures always have such a great style to them!

Ahh thank you so much! Advice would to just keep on drawing them. I struggled with drawing figures from my head for the longest time. And I only recently felt that my constant practicing and figure drawing sessions are finally paying off! Just do a lot of observational study, take reference photos of yourself/friends and draw that. Even if it is not the way you want it to be, do not be discouraged! I promise you that you will get better through a ton of practice and study. ^^

Anonymous asked: i recently got accepted into the art school of my choice and i'm really excited! but i feel like my art isn't that good compared to those around me and even though i draw as often as i can there is always something lacking in my art, whether it's technical (proportions etc.) or just unimpressive artistically. do you have any suggestions for ways i can better my skills/mentally prepare myself before the school year starts in fall?

First off, congratulations! :))

And to kind of answer your question, please read the following:

You’ve probably seen it floating around the Tumblr sphere but it’s important because I finally realized why I was so uneasy with my own art once I read it!

My only advice is to just keep working on it. Because that is all you can ever do. Confidence in your own art is gained through constantly closing the “gap.” But as for “mentally preparing yourself,” just be the best you can be. And be yourself. Work hard, develop good time management, have good habits! And since you are drawing often already, just keep on doing that (or maybe even more?)

I would also experiment with as many different mediums and subjects as you can before school starts. Because I personally do not have enough time to play with different techniques and mediums unless it’s assigned in class. 

Look at artists that you admire, do some study of some masters. One of my professor always advises us to have an art book at hand when figure drawing because we can always be inspired/influenced by someone/styles we admire.

Good luck to you! Freshmen year is going to be an interesting one haha

trigony asked: When you start drawing a picture, do you begin with a basic circles-and-lines skeleton? Or do you just draw and go?

I am currently getting into the habit of doing a basic sketch of the body/proportions, but most of the time, I just go!

mysticadventure asked: What keeps you motivated to keep drawing/creating art? Currently I feel like I'm stuck and I would like to hear your take on it.

It’s that feeling where you don’t feel “whole” without drawing. Sometimes I can go days without drawing/creating, but it’s like a drug for me almost. I lose myself in it. Recently, I have been motivated to draw because I haven’t been drawing, for myself at least. Have been doing a lot of school work and even though I’m doing illustrative stuff, it isn’t the same as just creating for the sake of creating. I just have so much feelings, and art dissipates it.

And looking at other artists really drive me! UGH I LOVE ART.

The hand studies were an assignment, but man did it bring back the fire! 

avocadodreamss-deactivated20130 asked: hi Rose! I really enjoy your drawings, and as a budding graphic designer I was just wondering, how do you draw hair the way you do? I have so much trouble with it! Thanks and I hope you're having a great day :D

It just takes practice. I remember when I first started drawing (even when I was serious about art), my line was so rough. And this continued on for years until my hands felt comfortable and my lines became more fluid and alive!

Now, after drawing hair over and over again, I can draw it without even thinking :)

abitcrazed asked: Hey I've been following you for a while (not literally) and I really like your art work! They're so unique and creative haha. I just wanted to ask you how did you come up with your style? Like did it come naturally and it was what felt most comfortable or was it something you had to work for? I especially like how you do hair:)

HMM. I think when you’re drawing all the time, you don’t see your progress until you take a step back to look at what you’ve done in the beginning of a year and the end. I think you have to work hard for it and it just becomes natural. Like, you can’t not work hard to make something that you like looking at you know? You work hard to make something that you are satisfied with and once you are there, it just comes so naturally to do it over and over again.

Anonymous asked: hello! when did you know you wanted to pursue art as a career and when did you start preparing for applying for art school?

I became serious towards the end of my junior year (that was also the time I discovered ink pens and played around with patterns). And I started preparing for applications the beginning of my Senior year. ^^